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Designing for the future

We believe in nurturing and protecting children when they need us the most. It’s about designing and manufacturing sustainably made, solid wood furniture without moving parts, while maintaining a modern, classic style you crave. And just as the trees we plant on your behalf grow, our products actually grow with your child, creating a positive impact on your life and our planet.



Safety is our guiding principle

While caring for the environment is a priority for us at Baby Appleseed, our first and foremost concern is building products with the upmost in safety. All our furniture is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and JPMA Certified and. You can be confident we support the highest standards for children’s products because we’re caring parents with a brighter future in mind, just like you.



Give Back More Than We Take

Parents understand we have a responsibility to our children, which is to create a safe environment for them to sleep, live and thrive, so they may pass it onto their children and so on. And this can only happen by creating a sustainable future for them and our planet.


Caring for the future...

Creating a safer and greener tomorrow for each future generation

Because of customers like you, we are able to make a positive impact on our environment, shaping and building a better future for all of our children. To date, we have planted over 100,000 trees thanks to caring customers like you, who believe, like we do, that our mission is essential in creating a better world for each future generation.

It all begins with the simple act of planting a tree. With our commitment to safety and excellence and giving back more than we take, together we will help sustain our planet for all the world’s children, generation after generation. And it all begins with exceptionally designed cribs, which will grow with your baby and withstand the test of time.



  • 2 days ago

    The Carlisle Crib

    Bold and inventive, the Carlisle Crib is reminiscent of the progressive Art Deco movement. Crafted with sustainable and sturdy poplar wood, it features a safety conscious non-drop rail with no moving parts.

  • 5 days ago

    The Davenport Crib in Vanilla Truffle

    Crafted from sustainable and solid polar wood, the crib is designed with no moving parts for ease of use and safety. A hidden drawer under the rails allows for extra storage, and the crib conveniently transforms into a grand toddler bed to truly grow with your child.

  • 10 days ago

    The Millbury Crib in Vanilla Truffle

    The stately and regal option, the Millbury Crib will elegantly grow with your baby and beyond.